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The urban development procedure

Development plans are the basis of legal security for our project proposals. الكازينو

Especially in the field of large-scale retail trade, the stipulations made as part of an urban development procedure concerning

  • the type of zoning classification
  • the transport connection
  • the wastewater management and infrastructure provision
  • the selection of sales ranges and the marginal goods limitations together with the effects of retail trade on the relevant region

are compelling foundations to ensure our project proposal can be implemented.

For this reason, we award the urban planning services to renowned specialist engineers who have worked for us for many years and carry out the urban development procedure up to legal validity.

The required specialist reports are commissioned by us:

  • Hydrogeological and other geological surveys
  • Soil remediation process
  • Traffic report
  • Emissions report
  • Environmental reports
  • Air quality report
  • Landscape conservation management plans
  • Retail sector appraisals and impact analyses
  • Infrastructure provision plans